Machine Finance

We have negotiated with a third party to assist in financing machines. See below, give us a call now

"We come in play when you have companies who wants to buy yellow metal machines from you and they either don’t have the capital to buy it or they don’t want to take it from their cash flow. What we will do then is we will buy the machine from you( example R600 000) and then put it on a rental with the client( 1 – 5 years rental). This makes it better for you because not a lot of companies wants to spend a big amount of money from their cash flow, and it will make sure you don’t lose deals because a client doesn’t have the money to buy cash. This will also mean that if we approve a deal for you, the risk sits with us and you get your money upfront for the machine. For the client it is always better to do it on a rental rather than cash, because they can claim back from TAX every year"

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